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Analysis: Washington, D.C., ranked most affected by government shutdown

Washington, D.C., ranked No. 1 among the District of Columbia and the 50 states in a recent analysis by on how they were affected by the 35-day partial shutdown of the federal government.

Analysis: Washington, D.C. ranks 3rd among largest U.S. cities with sufficient funds to pay off debts

Washington, D.C. ranks third best among the 75 largest cities in the United States for the handling of its finances, according to a Truth in Accounting (TIA) analysis of municipal data released this month.

Tarriffs, trade war could make U.S. automakers less competitive, trade association spokeswoman says

The Trump administration's ongoing tariffs and trade war could make U.S. automakers less competitive in the global market, a spokeswoman for a Washington, D.C.-based trade association and lobbying group said during a recent interview.

U.S. SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION: SEC Emergency Action Charges Texas Real Estate Developer for Multi-Million Dollar Offering Fraud

The Securities and Exchange Commission announced today that it filed charges against Texas resident and real estate developer Phillip Michael Carter, two other individuals, and several related entities for conducting a multi-million dollar offering fraud.

Analysis: District of Columbia posts 4th highest drop in food stamps participants

District of Columbia ranked No. 4 among 49 states and U.S. territories that saw reductions in food stamps participation, according to the latest numbers compiled by the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

Analysis: Washington, D.C. not on track to tax online sales

Washington, D.C. is not compliant with a U.S. Supreme Court decision outlining how states can go about requiring online retailers to collect sales taxes on products sold within their borders, according to an analysis by the Washington-based Tax Foundation.

GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY: GW Poll Finds Deep, Lasting Partisan Splits on Immigration, Investigating President Trump

Differences in Democratic and Republican voter priorities suggest Congress will continue to be fractured. A new edition of the George Washington University Politics Poll found contrasting top priorities for each party and deep partisan division on the importance of many issues, highlighting the difficulty of reopening the government if action depends on a bipartisan immigration compromise.

National Taxpayers Union free trade director against Trump administration's tariffs

Tariffs, trade war, the U.S. government shutdown and now rumors of new tariffs on international vehicles are part of the Trump administration's "self-destructive" policies that could tank the nation's economy, a free-trade-initiative expert said during a recent interview.

Washington, D.C. posted 12th highest corporate income tax in 2018

Among the District of Columbia and the 44 states that levy corporate income taxes, Washington, D.C. ranked No. 12 for the top tax rate on business revenues, according to a Tax Foundation analysis of 2018 tax numbers

Analysis: Washington, D.C., posted 8th highest individual income tax rate in 2018

Washington, D.C., ranked No. 8 for its top individual income tax rate, according to a Tax Foundation analysis of 2018 tax numbers that tracked the District of Columbia and the 43 states that levy such taxes.

AMERICAN UNIVERSITY: Project on Civil Discourse Guest Lecture Examines First Amendment

Addressing an audience at AU as part of a lecture series on Oct. 17 sponsored by the AU School of Public Affairs (SPA) Project on Civil Discourse, Garrett Epps explained that he is a big believer in free speech — even when it’s difficult at times to tolerate.

Poachers linked to drugs, guns and terrorism steer world wildlife populations toward extinction

Drug runners, weapons smugglers and even militant groups are cashing in on the lucrative trade of rare wildlife, pushing an ever-expanding range of animal species toward extinction, according to a Time Magazine special report.

GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY: Trump Administration Officials, Members of Congress Visit Conservative Student Conference

Several current and former members of President Donald Trump’s administration spoke at Turning Point USA’s High School Leadership Summit last week on the George Washington University Foggy Bottom Campus, including Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, U.N.

INSTITUTE OF WORLD POLITICS: PM Thatcher’s investment banker Bob Barrett provides advice on successful privatization

The Institute of World Politics (IWP) hosted Robert J. Barrett III, a long-time investment banker and prominent Floridian businessmen, on Thursday, June 21, 2018 to discuss how and why former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher embarked on one of the most ambitious rounds of privatization in history.

Farming coalition launches 'Tariffs Hurt the Heartland' campaign

A farming coalition's campaign announced this week to call attention to the pain caused by the ongoing trade war is carrying a message intended for President Donald Trump and it's one the president is bound to hear, a Montana farmer and trade consultant said during a recent interview.

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